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LVB-41075 Bright Blue Metallic Kirker BLACK DIAMOND LOW V.O.C URETHANE BASECOAT Gallon

LVB-41075 Bright Blue Metallic Kirker BLACK DIAMOND LOW VOC Basecoat Paint Gallon

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    KIR LVB-41075

Color: LVB-41075 Bright Blue Metallic Gallon

Kirker’s most advanced color system, the BLACK DIAMOND Series Low-VOC Urethane Basecoat provides the ultimate performance and durability, and ensures compliance even in areas with the most stringent VOC limits.  This unique two-part urethane system sprays like a conventional air-dry basecoat, but provides better adhesion and filling capabilities with vastly improved film integrity.  It is far easier to use than finicky waterborne basecoats, especially when working in less-than-ideal conditions with limited control over temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.

Performance benefits include exceptional atomization and outstanding metallic control.  This innovative basecoat also provides quick two-coat coverage and seriously fast dry times. It is ideal for complete repaints, custom refinish, restoration work and even repair jobs.  Always refer to Technical Data Sheet for more complete information as well as mixing and application directions. Black Diamond Series Is Available in 60+ pre-mixed colors. VOC compliant (under 3.5 lbs/gallon) with all current Federal, State and local limits (including those established by SCAQMD’s Rule 1151)

  • Apply in two medium wet coats over properly prepared and primed surfaces. A third coat may be fogged as necessary to set metallic pattern evenly. Allow 10-20 minutes flash time between coats.
  • At 78° F, BLACK DIAMOND SERIES should be set to touch within 20 minutes, and dry within one hour.
  • Pot life for mixed material is approximately 2 hours. Less for elevated temperatures.
  • **Use White base LVB-81030 for midcoat colors
  • Packaged in Quarts* & Gallons (Only select colors are available in quarts)
  • Mix ratio 4 parts paint to 1 part activator (LVA-375 Fast, LVA-385 Medium, or LVA-395 Slow)
  • Reducer (up to 10%) may be added to help with flow but is not required for the paint (LVR and UR Series Reducers can be used)
  • PDF Tech Sheet for Kirker Black Diamond Basecoats