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KS-51439 Viper Red Kirker ACRYL-GLO DPK Med.

KS-51439 Viper Red Kirker ACRYL-GLO Acrylic Enamel Deluxe Paint Kit Medium

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KS-51439 Viper Red Deluxe Paint Kit Medium


Paint Kit Includes:

1 gallon of Kirker’s KS-51439 Viper Red ACRYL-GLO acrylic enamel paint 

1 pint of wet look hardener K-1607 

1 quart of fast reducer R-7921 (70 -85)  

5 paint sticks 

5 strainers  

1 quart mix cup 

  • ACRYL-GLO acrylic enamel paints provide a durable finish that is easy to apply and suitable for both commercial vehicle and passenger car work. ACRYL-GLO acrylic enamels have excellent adhesion over virtually any original equipment (OEM) type finish with the proper preparation and are made to withstand the wear of commercial vehicles. ACRYL-GLO will give any vehicle a “right off the production line” look. Kirker’s acrylic enamels are available in 30+ pre-mixed factory-packaged colors, chosen according to production trends and popularity over the past decade or so.
  • ACRYL-GLO acrylic enamels should be sprayed at approximately 60 PSI at the gun, in medium wet coats allowing each coat to dry hand slick before the next is applied. Please note, the 60 PSI suggestion is for a traditional-style gun. Adjustments may have to be made depending on the type of gun used. At 78° F, ACRYL-GLO should be set to touch within 20 minutes, and dry within one hour. Once ACRYL-GLO enamels have dried for three hours, these products enter a sensitive re-coat period, which – if hardener has not been used – can last up to one week. If a hardener (K-1607 or K-1606) has been used, however, the dry time drops to 24 hours.
  • Packaged in Gallons Only.
  • Mix Ratio 8 parts paint to 1 part hardener(K-1607 or K1606) to 0%-50% reducer(R-79xx Series)   8 : 1 : 0% - 50%

PDF Tech Sheet For Acrylic Enamel Paint


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