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Plasti Dip Primer, 11oz.

Plasti Dip Primer, 11oz.

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Plasti Dip Primer, 11oz.


If your home, arts and crafts, or other DIY project needs the unique protection and look that only Plasti Dip can provide, but with a stronger, more permanent bond, you need Plasti Dip Primer. Plasti Dip Primer is specially formulated to complement Plasti Dip’s already outstanding performance by giving it a better, stronger grip on metal and many plastic surfaces.


Like a primer coat for paint, Plasti Dip Primer should be applied to your chosen surface first, before adding Plasti Dip. Any color Plasti Dip can then be applied over it, and the treated item will gain the one-of-a-kind protection from moisture, abrasion, acids, corrosion, skidding, and slipping users have come to expect from Plasti Dip. On its own, Plasti Dip peels off of most surfaces easily; with a coat of Plasti Dip Primer applied underneath, it gains a far stronger, nearly permanent grip.


While Plasti Dip with a Primer undercoat can be removed with a great deal of effort, the Primer itself cannot be removed from the original surface once it has dried. Please use care when applying Plasti Dip Primer.


Available in easy-to-use aerosol form, Plasti Dip Primer was developed for use on metal and most plastic surfaces, making it a perfect accompaniment to a broad range of Plasti Dip projects.


Give your Plasti Dip a stronger grip with Plasti Dip Primer.