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SA-11110 Mack Yellow Kirker SYN-GLO Synthetic Enamel Paint Gallon

SA-11110 Mack Yellow Kirker SYN-GLO Synthetic Enamel Paint Gallon

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Color: SA-11110 Mack Yellow

  • SYN-GLO synthetic enamel paints are available in 15+ pre-mixed factory-packaged colors, selected on the basis of popularity from year to year. Kirker’s synthetic enamels are easy to apply, designed to withstand the everyday wear on commercial vehicles and provide an economical finish. Long lasting color and gloss retention, plus high build combine to make this a fine line of durable synthetic finishes. Kirker’s SYN-GLO enamels can be used to repaint baked-on factory finished vehicles with proper preparation.
  • Mix one gallon of SYN-GLO enamel with between one quart, up to three quarrts of the appropriate reducer(R82xx Series), depending upon temperature and humidity (4:1-3). Mix one pint of K-1605 synthetic enamel urethane hardener to increase gloss and durability while decreasing cure time. With traditional-style guns, SYN-GLO should be sprayed 40 - 60 PSI. Adjustments may need to be made when using different style guns.
  • Apply a non-metallic SYN-GLO color with a mist coat. After allowing it to get tacky, follow up with a full wet coat. On a metallic color, the process should be reversed: One full wet coat, followed by a mist coat once the first coat has become tacky. At 78° F, SYN-GLO should be set to touch within 1 hour, and dry within four hours.
  • Packaged in Gallons Only.
  • Recommended Mix Ratio 8 parts paint to 1 part hardener to 25% - 75% reducer   8 : 1 : 25% - 75%
  • PDF Tech Sheet For Syn-Glo Synthetic Enamels