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ALC offers 3 types of abrasive blasters-siphon, pressure, and cabinet blasters.
Siphon Blasters are used for small jobs-especially for DIY jobs around the house. These generally consume 7-15-20 CFM @80PSI depending upon the size of the nozzle.
Pressure Blasters are 3-4 times more powerful as siphon blasters. They will do many jobs that siphon blasters cannot do. They are all portable and consume 7-125 CFM depending upon the nozzle size. These are professional quality for small to large jobs.
Cabinet Blasters are large steel boxes that can prevent the air and abrasive to escape the cabinet. They use a siphon gun to blast small to large parts removing paint, rust, corrosion. Sizes are determined by width, 36",48", and 60" wide by 24" deep and 60" high. Our units include a 100 CFM dust collector to remove the dust. Most cabinets use a foot pedal to activate the blast gun thus freeing one hand to hold parts.

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Import CW3-SINGLE 3" Cut-Off Wheel - Single Import Made
  • $0.75
Import 132 CW3-SINGLE 3" Cut-Off Wheel - Single Import Made 1/32"
  • $0.75
AST 400E Astro Pneumatic Smart Eraser - Pad For Pinstripe Removal Tool, 400E
  • $12.00
AST 5706 Astro Pneumatic Brass Air Regulator, 5706
  • $3.50
AST WS11 Astro Pneumatic Air Regulator with Gauge, WS11
  • $7.50
AST UCG100 Astro Pneumatic Air Undercoat Gun , 32oz cup, UCG100
  • $23.50